Behind the Product: The Jump Suit

Every day, I have decided to share with you a behind the scenes look at the making of one of my products.  I have received so many emails over the last few weeks from interested customers regarding my process and I’m answering all of your questions in the following weeks!  I’m naming this new segment ‘behind the product’.  Check back for new posts and stories throughout the week.  We will post at least one!  Today, I’m going to tell you a bit about our iconic jump suit.  The jump suit is the item that we have definitely gained the most interest in producing, and she’s the most complex design we offer to date.  As a vintage lover myself, I scour the internet and high end vintage stores for designer vintage.  In the early stages of development, I had been on  a man hunt for a 1970’s jump suit.  Regardless of the intensity of my search, my efforts yielded unpromising results.  I resolved that it was my duty to create one for both myself and all of my 1970’s jump suit lovers.  Creating this piece was no easy task.  I purchased dozens of used and unused authentic 1970’s jump suit patterns to better understand their construction.  Many of my prototypes based off of these models were too fitted, too tight at the waist or too difficult to get in and out of.  Using the elements that I liked and disliked about each of my original models, I constructed my iconic jump suit.  In traditional Clothes Horse fashion, the jump suit is completely unconstructed through the waist- meaning there is not ‘fit’.  It can be easily stepped in and out of, and fitted at the waist with a belt.  This makes peeing worlds easier, you’ll thank me for it later.  Additionally, we have embellished the design with cuffs and a collar.  Using this simplified form as a bass, we were able to incorporate all of our insane novelty prints.  Our jump suit is offered in book print, cat print, unicorn print, vintage stamp print, and a variety of other fun prints.  In addition, it’s available in short and long sleeved versions.  Perfect for chilly days or spring mornings.  Check out our entire collection on our website and explore the comfort, versatility and beauty of our jump suits for yourself- it’s a must have for any diverse closet!

xx Bianca Jones
Clothes Horse Clothing