Craving Custom Clothes Horse: We've Got You Covered.

Matching is a big deal.  We get that- so is standing out.  The fashion community frowns on 'same-dress-to-the-party' syndrome, and so do we.  Love something you see on our site, but have some awesome vintage curtains you'd like for us to use? No problem.  Want to schedule a consultation and fabric shop with Bianca, Clothes Horse owner and designer? Sure thing.  We can create something custom just for you.  Visuals are a great place to start.  Have images/sketches/product on hand and we'll do the rest.  Check out our pricing and fees below.

Custom Clothes Horse Clothing

Initial Half Hour Consultation: 

$25 Cost includes taking measurements, discussing your design goals, reviewing client exemplar images and discussing the final product. 

$25/ hr fabric shopping appointments available upon request. 

Labor/Construction costs:

$50/hr.  Minimum one hour.  Time frame depends on the complexity of the project.  The amount of work involved in a simple circle skirt will vary dramatically from the work required of a custom wedding gown.  We are happy to give you an estimate. Generally, our costs are as follows:

Circle Skirts & Tank Dresses:  One Hour ( $50/hr)

Fitted Dresses: Two Hours ( $50/hr )

Jump Suits: Three Hours ( $50/ hr )


Materials will vary from project to project.  Smaller projects will require fewer materials than larger, more complex projects.  All fees and details are worked out on a project by project basis during our initial, half hour consultation. 

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Please include some basic information with regard to your custom project. We will call to schedule an initial meeting. Please include the best times (generally) to schedule a consultation and we will contact you with available dates and times.