Samples are available free of charge for scheduled projects.  Scroll down to fill out our form to contact us with your requests (what you'd like to pull off of our site and when).  We'll check our stock and let you know if we can accommodate your request.   


Interested in a custom piece for an upcoming editorial or themed shoot?  We're happy to bring your vision to life.  Custom couture gowns, fitted jump suits, sculptural head pieces, we've got you covered.  Scroll down for rates and process.

 Photography: Eric Frazier     //      Hair & Makeup: Danielle Macchi    //    Model:   Janna Ahmetjanova

Photography: Eric Frazier     //      Hair & Makeup: Danielle Macchi    //    Model:  Janna Ahmetjanova

 Photographer: Eric Frazier        //      Hair MUA:  Kim Lavelle       //       Model:  Liv Fuller

Photographer: Eric Frazier        //      Hair MUA:  Kim Lavelle       //       Model:  Liv Fuller

Initial Half Hour Consultation :  $50

Time includes discussion and overview of project, design goals and inspirational visuals.  Clients are asked to bring all visual materials to best demonstrate their aspirations for the project.


Construction/Development fees:  $100/hr.  Minimum 3 hours work.  Time frame for projects are established after our initial one hour consultation.   Cost covers sketching, pattern making, and general project labor. **Time frames are a reflection of the complexity or difficulty of the project.  Projects that require multiple fittings and consultations will cost more.  Having accurate model measurements prior to the start of construction can greatly reduce costs.**


Materials:  Cost dependent on specific materials, amounts and current market value.  Many projects suitable for recycled/reclaimed materials at lower cost depending on project vision and goals.

Additional Consultations:  $50/ half hour meeting, Skype call or phone call.  

Materials Fee and minimum 3 hour construction/development fee due prior to work taking place.  Additional work will be billed to clients, as discussed, if necessary, in our initial one hour consultation.


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