Giraffe Print Tie-to-Fit Bow Headband


This adorable tie- to-fit headband is perfect for all tastes and styles.  Hand printed in studio with our custom giraffe print.  Perfect for the animal lover in your life! These beautiful creatures are loved by many and need all of the conservational help they can get.  We love animals, and that's why we don't eat them, wear them, or watch them for entertainment at zoos or theme parks.  Live your values- wear compassion everywhere you go in this adorable giraffe print headband. 

Available in four fabric colors- white, blue, gray and pink. Select your fabric color from the drop down menu. 

One size fits most!  Ties easily into a bow with a double knot.  100% cotton, machine wash cold and air dry to ensure the life and color of your handmade headband. 

Fabric Color:
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