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Hand Printed 'Boy Capel' Headband, Seafoam Green

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Hand printed in our studio with handmade stamps on hand sewn scrap which results from the production of our garments. Available prints are featured as the last image in the product images above!

One size fits most. The headband comes in two styles, shown together in the image available. Skinny style measures 40 inches across and 2 inches in width, Regular style measures 38 inches in length by 4 inches in width. Our vintage patterns are always printed in black seen here on seafoam green fabric. Can be worn in several different ways, this headbands simplified design makes it easy for multi-wear styles. The possibilities are endless!

100% Cotton, One Size Fits Most. We recommend hand washing with cold water to ensure the life of your hand made item. Secures to head with simple double knot.

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