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Jackie-O Crazy Dino Egg Tie to Fit Retro Headband


This gorgeous toe-to-fit headband is inspired by the iconic Jackie-O. Our retro inspired headband design is one size fits all. We've created a series of one of a kind textiles and will offer only 4 of each design! These one of a kind items are a must have for your hair accessory collection.

This gorgeous print features repeating ovals with a 70's inspired blue and yellow crackle design on a retro orange background. The go-to gift for the vintage and retro queen in your life. Simply tie a double knot and you have an easy, wearable statement for any outfit or activity.

100% cotton, printed here in the USA. This textile was designed digitally right here in my Rhode Island studio. We're taking control over the entire process from textile to construction. Our small batch production guarantees limited-no waste. We make each item to order by hand in our Rhode Island studio and vow to never use animal products in ANY of our collection items. You can't love animals and wear them too <3

Great for day to day wear and a must have for stylists working on vintage/retro and contemporary sets.

One of a kind product - ships in 3-5 business days!

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