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Pink, Magenta and Red Hue Mosaic Print Polka Dot, Tie To Fit Vintage Inspired Headband or Headscarf. Multi way wear- easy care and wash!


Can you tie a double knot? Then you can tie this headband! We've worked for years to address the 'I don't know how to tie a headband' argument. It's as easy as double knot & go!

Our small batch accessory line features only 3-5 of each design per print online. Shop while they last! 

This incredibly easy to wear headscarf adds a nice pop of color and finish to any outfit. Made with a vegan silk, this headband is incredibly comfortable.  

This design features our hand painted, multi color abstracted mosaic print. Shades of red, pink, and orange shapes are layered and configured together to convey overall tone and warmth. This bright color pallet goes with most every color pallet and makes for a must have spring time accessory. 

Machine wash and dry for easy maintenance. This headband is super easy to throw on, and works great for work, play, a night out or gym!

One size fits all. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my handmade products. I so appreciate your business.

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