Jewelry & One of a Kind

Vintage found metal tool, belt hardware and chain fringe pendant necklace.



Made with found sewing machine parts from one of my cast iron vintage machines, each pendant necklace from this collection is uniquely it's own.  

Chain: 18 in. Length (36 in. all the way around).
Sits mid torso.

I have been collecting vintage tabletop sewing machine's for the last three years. In the process, I have uncovered piles of unique vintage notions. I created these necklaces using the parts I've acquired and mixing them with bits of vintage chain and buttons.

This particular piece features a vintage sewing machine tool resembling a tiny wrench with a silver finish. A small gold clasp hands along with the wrench and fringe. A mix of silver reclaimed chain hangs to create a modern chain fringe. This piece is full of historical detail and certain to enhance any outfit combination.

This piece is one-of-a-kind. I will not be able to reproduce this piece as all of its parts are found and combined. Shop while it lasts!

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